A Binary Option Broker that Offer Full Anonymity to Traders

While it is verifiable that BitPlutos offers an unmatched trading experience in binary options, what particularly makes this broker distinctive is its ability to offer 100% anonymity to traders.

This online broker perhaps is the first-of-its-kind in the binary option market; it is genuinely atypical. Unlike its contradicted competitions, BitPlutos relies and runs on Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency which brings partial-to-full anonymity for its users. Prioritizing Bitcoin as its primary method of deposits and withdrawals helps BitPlutos to establish unusual privacy standards for clients.

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Therefore, anyone registering with BitPlutos are guaranteed to trade binary options in full privacy. The payments and withdrawals are mostly done between the Bitcoin wallets of the company and users, thereby ensuring full anonymity of transactions. However, BitPlutos encourages traders to use its partial-privacy option as it offers them few extra benefits, including the ability to withdraw money to the desired bank and other online accounts.

In addition to anonymity, BitPlutos has a lot to offer in terms of services and features. The broker brings over 200 tradable assets from over 30 countries around the globe. These assets include instruments from stocks, currencies, indices and commodities markets. What further compliments this is a well-designed, intuitive and simple online trading platform that provides traders a great degree of control by minimizing navigation.

BitPlutos also includes a “Spot Follow” feature that enables investors to monitor seasoned traders and follow their trading decisions to a profitable conclusion.

“New investors are not left alone at BitPlutos,” the company stated. “We offer free market analyses, a wide range of bonuses, and a vast library of educational resources. Plus our Personal Account Managers are always willing to speak to you privately and provide a free walkthrough of our user-friendly platforms.”

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