A quick guide on building a GPU Mining Rig (Edition 3.2): Best for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic


This book answers the questions about “What does it mean to mine a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum?”, “How to mine with a graphics card (GPU)?”, “How to start your GPU mining business with only $100”, “How to deal with generated heat from a GPU mining rig and how to extend the life of the components?”, and “How much money does a GPU mining rig make?”. It helps you to “Choose the best GPU for mining Ethereum platform”. In short it is “A complete step-by-step guide to the hardware and software for building a GPU mining rig.”

What is new on third edition:

1. How to build a GPU mining Chassis out of a shoe rack
2. How Nvidia GTX GPUs perform in GPU mining?
3. Build a GPU mining rig with 9-nine GPUs
4. Troubleshooting of a mining rig

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