AAAwave – 6 GPU Stackable Aluminum Mining Frame Rig Case with Fan Mounts Bitcoin Ethereum Zcash Coin Mining Chassis

Price: $89.99

The chassis is made out of 2020 aluminum extrusions with acrylic panels, and uses brass motherboard stand offs.

• Compatible Motherboards: ATX, M-ATX
• Power Supply: 2 x ATX Power Supply Positions
• Color: Transparent Acrylic and Silver
• Outside Dimension: L22 x W14 x H14 Inch
• Supports 6 GPUs with a solid mounting plate
• Supports 6 motherboard add on cards with a solid mounting plate
• Supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ SSDs and HDDs
• Supports 4 x 120mm fans
• Power Switch and Power LED included
• Assembly requiredBrand Name: aaawave
Material: Aluminum and Acrylic
Type: Open frame chassis
Model Number: AAAMC59

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