After reports of Nicehash controlling around 70% of DASH Nethashrate, the 51% attack is once again a real Threat

Nicehash owns about 70% of DASH mining network according to a Reddit user (Jan 10), and the news is already causing a wave of concerns within the community


It looks like someone currently controls over 51% of DASHs hashrate over Nicehash mining pools; a recent Reddit post accusing Nicehash of being a threat to Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies is raising concerns around the dreaded topic of 51% attacks.

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Titled, ‘Someone controls >51% of DASHs hashrate currently’, the Reddit author known as Flenst has claimed that he was investigating the ETC 51% attack when he stumbled across a discussion about “Nicehash abilities”, and here is where he supposedly uncovered that Nicehash currently holds over 70% of the total nethash rate.


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