September 20, 2021


Are Mike Tyson and Busta Rhymes Looking to Get Into Crypto?

Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers in history, has asked his millions of followers on Twitter if they prefer bitcoin or ether. This comes shortly after the popular rapper Busta Rhymes asked around for trustworthy sources for education about digital assets.

Iron Mike: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The 55-year-old, considered by many as the greatest boxer of all time, took it to Twitter to see if his 5.6 million followers prefer BTC or ETH on Saturday. The thousands of answers vary from people urging him to stay away from the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency space to bitcoin maximalists highlighting only BTC as the correct option and more balanced views of “why not both.”

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Just a few hours after Iron Mike posted his question, the prominent bitcoin bull Michael Saylor took the stage. He replied by outlining his purchase of nearly $3 billion worth of BTC in the past year because he considers it “the future of digital property.”

Furthermore, MicroStrategy’s CEO called bitcoin hope and redirected the Baddest Man on the Planet to review one of the educational sources he and his company have launched.

It’s worth noting that Tyson has displayed an interest in the crypto space in the past as well. He went into the non-fungible token field and has multiple such products on the market now. In fact, one of the latest NFT made him feel “immortal.”

Is Bus Rhymes Getting on Board?

Trevor George Smith Jr., better known by his stage name as Busta Rhymes, also dipped his toes in the digital asset industry lately. The US rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor recently asked his nearly 4 million followers on Twitter whether “anywhere here [is] into crypto?”

It seems the answers scratched his appetite as more crypto-related questions and statements started to emerge frequently. As with Tyson, Michael Saylor offered to spread the word by outlining more educational content on Bitcoin particularly.

Interestingly, even Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey – also known for his support towards the primary cryptocurrency – offered his help.

After more questions about Elon Musk’s role on the market and Dogecoin, in particular, Bus-a-Bus concluded that he is “loving the vibe and energy of learning educative conversations.” Furthermore, he wondered whether digital assets will ever find a place in schools.


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