ASQ has literally dropped $100,000 into the sky – and it’s still up for grabs!

As crypto becomes more mainstream and the industry becomes increasingly crowded, startups are beginning to realize that they’re going to need to seriously step up their game if they want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

In order to incentivize users to get on board with their ideas, many companies have resorted to launching online airdrops that provide participants with free tokens in order to spread the word.

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ASQ Protocol is one of the most recent companies to launch an airdrop. But instead of simply doing on online airdrop like the vast majority of cryptocurrency companies, ASQ is determined to stand out by bringing crypto to the troposphere.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

Essentially, a crypto airdrop is the distribution of a cryptocurrency – usually for free – to a large number of wallet addresses.

Airdrops are becoming increasingly popular amongst cryptocurrency startups as a way to gain attention and incentivize people to take an interest in their project.

The ultimate goal of an airdrop is usually to increase the user base and to encourage a wider disbursement of coins or tokens.

It goes without saying that these are usually quite an effective way of garnering interest. Everyone loves free stuff, after all. Now, there are even dedicated websites like Airdrop Alert, designed to let users know when the next airdrop is, and how they can take part.

Who Are ASQ Protocol?

You might have already heard of ASKfmthe anonymous question and answer platform, launched back in June 2010 that allows users from all over the world to ask each other questions.

ASKfm is now the largest question and answer platform in the world. It currently has over 215 million users from all over the world from 168 different countries and is available in 49 different languages.

ASQ Protocol is a brand new project launched by the ASKfm team that is designed to address the current problems associated with content distribution and provide a solution to the ever-growing amount of low-quality content available on the Internet.

It will be completely decentralized, and will allow users to generate, store, share, and monetize their content and receive the benefits directly, without having to deal with intermediaries and middle-men.

In addition to this, ASQ Protocol will work with a number of different partner platforms in order to provide more value to content creators by introducing their content to a wider audience and providing a transparent monetization source. Users will be paid in the form of ASQ utility tokens.

ASQ Protocol and Skyrora Join Forces

On the 14th of September 2018, ASQ Protocol and Skyrora joined forces to launch a massive $100,000 into the troposphere.

Skyrora is a space technology company aiming to meet the growing demand for small satellite launches and provide cost-effective, responsive access to space.

Ultimately, they hope to help the UK government to reach their goal of capturing 10% of the global space market.

Together, the two companies launched a rocket above Scotland in the UK. It carried a Nano Ledger S hardware wallet, which was dropped somewhere in the Scottish countryside.

Deadline Extended – You Can Still Take Part!

Initially, participants had until the 30th September 2018 to find the hidden wallet. However, due to a large number of incoming requests, the new deadline has since been extended to the 14th of October, meaning you could still be in with a chance!


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