BAT’s Brave browser released with complete Chrome extension compatibility and faster load time

Basic Attention Token [BAT]’s Brave browser has caught a lot of attention since its announcement of a newer version of the browser [Brave 1.0] which is compatible with all Chrome extensions. The announcement was made by the firm on 18th October, in which the team mentioned that the browser’s load time is 22% faster than the existing Brave Muon version.

The official Twitter handle of Brave software said:

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“Our new desktop browser has a 22% faster load time on average than our exiting Brave Muon version. That’s as much as 8-second faster page loads on certain sites.”

Brave 1.0 is built based on Chromium and is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Some of the features that have been released include, URL bar centered changes, default brave shield settings, Tor related privacy enhancements, crash fixes, multiple web compatibility fixes etc.

The team has made several comparison tests with the existing Brave Muon version. According to them, the CPU utilization of the new browser is better than the Muon, considering all the intensive tasks running on the websites. The browser is also tested to be working perfectly for slower processors.

Some of the improvements such as ‘time savings’ have been achieved by the implementation of HTML parsing, JavaScript execution, page rendering, etc.

Guilherme Esteves, a software developer commented:

“You deserve every hug in the world, the change that Brave is doing is amazing, in a never ending race to exploit privacy, you dare to put users in first place. Congrats!”

Alex B, a blockchain enthusiast tweeted:

“Brave for desktop (which is awesome on Mobile) says goodbye to Muon (their Electron fork) and moves to Chromium — Probably the best browser now in mobile and desktop”

The team also mentioned that the Muon based browser is no longer available for download on the official website. However, the existing users will receive necessary updates on time.

The Brave team will be working on multi-core capacity on the browser speed, the performance of the browser on mobile devices etc., in the future.

Brave software was founded by Brendan Eich, who is the creator of JavaScript and the Co-Founder of Mozilla project. He founded both the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token [BAT]. The cryptocurrency BAT is an ERC-20 utility token which is used for all the advertising purchases and revenue on the browser.

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