September 20, 2021

Become an Author / Writer / Reporter / Publisher with Earnings

Dear Readers,

It’s a great chance to become an Author / Writer / Publisher in Bitcoins Channel website. Now we will publish your news / articles on our website. You can also earn from your articles. 100% of profit to you and we don’t want any commission.We will share, tweet and pin your articles to bring more audience for your articles.

How Author can Earn:

You can advertise any TWO Banner ads / Google ads in size of 428*60 in the middle of your every articles (rotational / non rotational – of your choice).

You can collect your payment directly from your advertisers.

You can set your own prices for your advertisers.

Publish more news and get more earnings from your advertisers.

We accept Articles / News / Charts / Reports / Discussion related Crypto, Bitcoin based.

Do not copy and paste other people articles from other websites, because already we have automated bot to do that job, but you can submit your articles even it is already published on other website.

*Limited Authors only required. Approval on First come, First serve basis.

For more information please contact us: admin(at)


By publishing 2 articles per day, you published 60 articles per month.

You can sell one ad spot for $30*2 = $60 / month. This is the minimum price and you can maximize the profit by publishing more articles and sharing your articles in social networks.

Upcoming Features:

Authors complete bio / company information.

Can publish upto 2 business links.

People can Donate / tip you directly.

Allowed to publish 1 Paid Review / month.

Avatar and social profiles link and many more.




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