Best Bitcoin companies to watch

Bitcoin was perhaps one of the most discussed topic in 2017, and its allure has still not diminished. The easiest way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy the coins from an exchange and keep them in your wallet. However, other businesses too have grown around bitcoin, and they can also be used as a proxy form of investing in Bitcoin. These are the Bitcoin companies you need to watch, besides the coin itself.

Unikrn Inc.

Amid the ICO-mania that was going on in 2017, Unikrn also stepped into the fray with UnikoinGold. By the time the ICO was over, according to the report the company had raised over $100 million, placing it among the top ICOs of the year. The idea behind UnikoinGold was to create a cryptocurrency for use on their platform. Obviously, online gamblers prefer to keep their identities hidden, and for good reason. Foremost is security, where many people fear that their credit card information may fall into the wrong hands. Alongside UnikoinGold is UnikoinSilver, which is made available to US residents.

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Since Unikrn has become one of the leading names in eSports, the use of cryptocurrencies has been a major step up as it increases security and speed of transactions. Not only do users gamble using Unikoin, but it can also be earned from playing on the platform and purchasing virtual items. This has connected Unikrn to other eSports websites like Steam and Riot.

Soon, it will be possible to mine UnikoinGold and the coins may also be listed on prominent exchanges as they become more popular. All of this further goes to show how much utility there is for Bitcoin and crypto in general, and why Unikrn is a company to watch.

HIVE Blockchain

As the need for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grew, a few companies sensed an opportunity and pounced. One of these was HIVE, which is dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. They run a mining facility in Iceland that generates Ethereum, and they have now began mining Ethereum in Sweden. This facility in Sweden is also expected to start mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in September this year, increasing their range of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they are partners with Genesis Mining, which is already a renown mining hashrate provider.

Together, all of HIVE’s assets and partnerships are expected to raise the company’s revenues up to $150 million this year, a record in the Bitcoin mining business.

BTL Group

Instead of focusing on payment solutions, BTL chose instead to use blockchain for other purposes including banking, energy and even fantasy sporting. Nevertheless, they still have a money transfer platform that uses smart contracts called Interbit. This coin is supposed to increase the speed of transactions and security of users’ identities. However, their other applications of Interbit are what make this company particularly interesting. This year in August, they stated that 4 oil and gas companies and five energy traders would take part in a trading project based on the Interbit blockchain. If this succeeds, BTL will be one of the first Bitcoin companies to have real world applications to their technology.
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