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People looking for a reliable bitcoin blending service will rejoice that, the legal bitcoin blender is here to offer customers the features they need. is a revolutionary bitcoin mixing service that allows you to make transaction in the crypto world without any problem. This is one of the top bitcoin tumbler options on the market, and it will help you identify all features and benefits in a meaningful way.

You can easily purchase anything you want with a variety of cryptocurrencies if you want. will just mix everything to ensure that no matter how many currencies you use, they are transformed into the target currency at all times. is a bitcoin mixing service that has complete support for tumbling a multitude of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin SV. In addition, the primary focus is on value and professionalism, with the platform doing a very good job at keeping your identity anonymous at all times.

Advanced security features of a new bitcoin blender also comes with support for SEGWIT on all the currencies, various types of statuses during order processing, translations, as well as a stellar support system. You also get to have access to a calculator before order creation, so you can be certain that the order is created properly and according to your needs. There’s even support for Bench 32 addresses as well.

The platform is set to expand even more than that. It will offer support for other cryptocurrencies too, while also boosting the system reserves, adding better website functionality and allowing partners to be a part of the system as well. comes with a Mixing Strength Meter function that’s very distinct, unique and it helps users identify any problems during the mixing process. This new bitcoin blender is set to revolutionize the bitcoin mixing world just because it offers anonymity and a minimal commission system. You have 0.5% on the Alpha pool, and the cumulative codes will lower the commission to 0.25% at times as well.

Thanks to the dedicated protection, allows you to specify up to 10 secure receiving addresses, you have a Mixing Strength Meter and you also have a distribution of transfers. In addition, there’s a preset of the transfer delay, so you can use these presets and use this bitcoin blender in Tor or any other platform whenever you want.

Aside from being an anonymous bitcoin tumbler with TOR support, you also have SSL-secured features. And the best part is that your order history is automatically removed in 24 hours once the entire order is processed and complete. Despite all of that, the platform retains user friendliness and support for multiple languages as well.

If you always wanted to use the best bitcoin blender 2018, this is one of the best platforms for you to check out. To further guide users, BestMixer has make it easy to get going by releasing a video tutorial that shows them how to mix bitcoins the right way. Try out and access its unique Mixing Strength Meter and advanced security. The platform can be used freely starting today.

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