Binance’s CZ on listing Libra, Gram: Criteria is number of users

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently featured in an interview to share his views on cryptocurrencies and Libra. Zhao mentioned that currently, the release of Libra crypto initiative remained uncertain, and “without those certainties, we don’t really spend a lot of development efforts.”

Speaking about infusing Telegram’s Gram token, which faces a lawsuit from the SEC for dealing with unregistered securities, CZ said,

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“We generally don’t discuss listing/not listing specific coins, but our criteria is very simple. The most important criteria is number of users, and to be very frank, those two (Gram and Libra) are going to have large number of users based on the existing user base.”

Moreover, the entrepreneur also highlighted the hypothetical possibility of Gram and Libra not having any users, in which case Binance will not be able to support the tokens. In case the aforementioned crypto projects may fail, Zhao further mentioned that the companies will come up with other crypto projects, claiming that “once you get an idea into people’s head you can’t kill it.” He added,

“These (Facebook and Telegram) are forward thinking companies that are very interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. They will issue something sooner or later.”

The best-case scenario predicted by Zhao is that both companies clear their ongoing regulatory hurdles and get a large number of users, “and we’ll be happy to support them.” CZ also spoke about being a part of the Libra Association in terms of running nodes or helping them with staking.


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