Bitcoin Binary Options Broker BitPlutos Offering Risk-Free Trades

Renowned and reputed binary options platform BitPlutos has announced that it is offering a certain risk-free trades on its clients’ first deposits.

The European broker, which exclusively uses Bitcoin as its primary method to execute binary trades, admitted that it is focusing largely on introducing a zero-loss plan for traders, where they can freely trade Bitcoins on a number of available binary options. According to these plans, if a trader loses his/her binary bet, he/she is given an 100% reimbursement by BitPlutos, therefore excluding all kind of risks from the executed trades.

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The offers are brought as per the size of the deposits made by BitPlutos clients. For instance: if a trader deposits 1 Bitcoin, h/she gets 0.5 Bitcoin in bonus and 5 risk-free trades. Similarly, if a trader deposits 3 Bitcoins, he/she gets 2 Bitcoin in bonus alongside 10 risk-free trades.

A trader depositing 5 Bitcoins gets additional 5 Bitcoins in bonus with a total of 15 trades to execute without facing risks.

The unarguably attractive scheme comes ideal for those new traders who are still alien to the basic concepts and strategies of binary options markets. As BitPlutos stated, the novice traders are more likely to face losses at early stages compared to their seasoned counterparts.

“Our scheme makes sure to protect new traders from undivulged risks of binary options market,” the Bitcoin broker added. “They fall but learn to walk at the same time, without facing any injury.”

BitPlutos also offers a dedicated education center to help individuals learn the basic and advanced concepts of binary option market. Perhaps, this is among the many reasons why this broker has surged impressively in the eyes of its clients. It truly cares!

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