Bitcoin Debit Card Firm E-Coin Raises $160,000

UK-based Bitcoin debit card and multi-sig wallet provider is gaining strong traction among the investors, already having raised $160,412 with 2 days still remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. The Company is offering a 10% stake for sale and has attracted 60 backers till the time of writing this report.

The Company is accepting a minimum amount of 250 GBP in the ongoing crowdfunding at BNKTOTHEUTURE.COM.

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Founded in 2014 by Pavel Matveev, Dmitry Lazarichev, and Georgy Sokolov, E-Coin has a customer base of over 50,000 and has sold over 10,000 cards in the market. With membership growing at a phenomenal pace of 30% per month, the Company is processing well over $1 Million in monthly transaction volume.

Funds will be used to expand the presence – online and offline

A spokesperson of the firm, speaking to said that the funds raised will be used to expand the support team and to enhance the social presence with a mobile app. The app will be launched on iTunes and Google Play Store very soon.

E-Coin’s plan of making its presence felt – both online and offline – is a great move considering that the Bitcoin ecosystem is witnessing a highly positive atmosphere and the growth is only reaching higher levels.

E-Coin’s Platform Solves Two Big Problems Easily

Bitcoin enthusiasts and users face two big problems: one is of limited usability and the other is of volatility. E-Coin efficiently tackles these two problems by offering instant cryptocurrency conversion, which minimizes the volatility risk, and merging the Bitcoin infrastructure with the traditional financial framework, which enables users to spend their Bitcoins anywhere.

E-Coin customers have their multi-sig Bitcoin wallets and traditional plastic USD/EUR/GBP VISA debit cards linked to the wallets. So, whenever a customer wishes to spend his Bitcoins, he can either use either of them without any hassles.

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