Bitcoin Direct Clarifies Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM Transaction Failure Issue

Recently we had published an article regarding the alleged failure of the newly launched Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas. These new branded Bitcoin ATM range is the brainchild of Bitcoin Direct LLC, endorsed by well-known heavyweight boxing world champion, Mike Tyson.

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We reached out to Bitcoin Direct LLC regarding the alleged reports of failures and the company responded to our request with their version of the incident. In response to our enquiry Peter Klamka, Managing Partner of Bitcoin Direct LLC clarified they have not received any complaints regarding failure of transactions on the company’s Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs so far.

He also mentioned that the story regarding certain customers losing money while trying to use Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs originated from a Reddit post, whose author has preferred to stay anonymous. The Redditor has not left his contact information behind which will help the company reach out to him. They have not received any such reports from the staff at Off the Strip Bistro and Bar located at LINQ where the incident allegedly happened.

Apart from the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM at Off the Strip Bistro and Bar, the company also operates three other ATMs in Las Vegas and one more in Montreal. Peter Klamka also refuted claims that the company’s Bitcoin ATMs do not have any contact information available for users to report any malfunction or failed transactions.

Peter said:

“Our ATMs have customer service contact information on them and all the host locations have customer service contact information to share with any customer. I (have) personally instructed every manager at the Mike Tyson location on how to address a failed transaction should one occur and (if) the customer has questions.”

In case of any issues with Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM, Peter’s contact information including his cell phone number and email address will be available at the hostess stand at the restaurant which can be used to contact him directly. Peter however agreed that there are instances where people may face transaction issues with any Bitcoin ATMs. In any such case, the company boasts of being of resolving such issues in less than 30 minutes. The same time frame also holds good for the company’s other Bitcoin ATMs as well.

Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is a brand new product from Bitcoin Direct LLC which was launched last Thursday and it has received a lot of attention since Mike Tyson sent a tweet weeks before its launch.


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