Bitcoin Helps Venezuelan Families Avoid Starvation


On May 24 a cryptocurrency enthusiast revealed that bitcoin was saving his parents and sister from suffering from starvation. The U.S. resident says his family lives in Venezuela and bitcoin is giving them the opportunity to purchase food and pay bills while the economy crumbles around them.

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Bitcoin Saves a Family From Starvation and Gives Them Financial Freedom

Bitcoin Helps Venezuelan Families Avoid StarvationThere have been many reports of people residing in Venezuela turning to bitcoin to hedge against the country’s economic failures. Venezuelans have been using bitcoin because their national currency the Bolivar has been significantly devalued and citizens using the tender are suffering from over 1800 percent inflation. The enthusiast who detailed that bitcoin was saving his family from starvation wanted to let the public to know the potential for the cryptocurrency used in this fashion is way bigger than its use cases in the black market.

“I want to debunk that myth and explain how real the potential for bitcoin is and how it is so much bigger than the black market can ever be,” explains the threads author.

Bitcoin is literally saving my family from hunger and giving them the financial freedom to emigrate in the near future — Thanks to the rising price of Bitcoin and its relative stability (compared to the Venezuelan economy) my family is part of a very small fortunate minority that can afford to help feed their community and also potentially emigrate to another country.

Bitcoin Helps Venezuelan Families Avoid Starvation
Venezuelan citizens waiting in very long lines to purchase food during shortages.

‘Skeptical About Bitcoin but No Other Options Were Available’

The author states that his father lost his air conditioning job some time ago, and his neighbors around him, even the upper class cannot afford food. He explains bitcoin being used by criminals is no different than then when they use cash for illegal activities. “If you take one step back you’ll realize that the possible legitimate uses for bitcoin are far greater than the black market.” In 2014 his family discovered bitcoin but were very skeptical about the digital currency, “but we didn’t have any other options,” the author details.




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