Bitcoin is becoming the Most Useful Tool for the Online Industry

Digital currency is a new technology that is disrupting the online Industry. Since the Internet inception, we have been watching a rise in specific industries, namely, the online gambling and Gaming Industry. The free and open Internet has led the online gambling industry to grow beyond its comfortable reach and has enabled it to re-invent itself.  Despite several strict and heavy regulatory policies imposed to online gambling, the industry has managed to comply with an enormous barrier of extremely tight laws.

Bitcoin came to allow the gambling industry to thrive even under heavy restrictions and intense regulation, because it has the ability to bypass these restrictions, making it a perfect tool for online casinos and gamblers. Likewise, many were the online gambling sites launching with Bitcoin as the base for its business model. In fact, Bitcoin came to give a lot of steam and a completely new breed of businesses to the gambling Industry. Although today there are only about 30% of the online gambling sites using Bitcoin, the tendency is for this number to grow significantly before the end of the decade.

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Many of these new Bitcoin Casinos introduced new concepts. Dragon’s Tale launched back in 2012, is the perfect example of how Bitcoin was able to bring a lot of innovation to the gambling Industry. By offering a completely new gambling style, this original Casino was able to design a new Gambling platform where, besides trying their luck, players could also learn about Bitcoin while being able to enroll a character and enjoy an amazing and original role play game.

As mentioned before, the gambling Industry was the first and most influenced industry by the digital currency revolution, since it could be seen as the perfect tool for the whole online Industry. Now, the online gaming Industry is preparing to be the next online industry to introduce the digital currency.

The signs are already on. Steam, the ultimate online entertainment and gaming platform announced a few weeks ago that it was now accepting Bitcoin, and many other online platforms will soon start to accept it as well. Bitcoin provides an easier way to transfer value over the internet, and currently, it is the most suited way for people to send micro transactions at virtually no cost. And that’s where the real beauty of Bitcoin resides. It can help the online gaming industry in an unlimited number of ways.

The gaming Industry today is about to completely transform, and digital currency will certainly be a part of this new change. With the introduction of Virtual Reality technology, many experts are now waiting to see this new revolution in gaming take off, and Bitcoin will certainly be a part of it.


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