Bitcoin Paid For Marijuana Delivered by Drone & Other Bitcoin News (OSTK & AVRN)

Plans for Bitcoin-powered drones to deliver cannabis to your doorstep is among the latest Bitcoin news from the sector or from small cap stocks, Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK) and AVRA Inc (OTCMKTS: AVRN) which have exposure to the cryptocurrency: 

Bitcoin-Powered Drones to Deliver Cannabis to Your Doorstep. Cointelegraph recently interviewed Marshall Hayner, the co-founder of San Francisco based Trees, a unique “cannabis delivery startup app” that accepts Bitcoin and hopes to employ drones to deliver it in the future. A number of media outlets picked up on the story given the drone connection, but co-founder Marshall Hayner did concede:

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“The drone video was really just a viral thing we slapped together for a few hundred bucks and shot in Golden Gate Park. We are currently working on drone logistics and as soon as the FAA passes the appropriate legislation we will have fleets in every state.”

Regarding Bitcoin, Hayner commented:

“The industry as a whole has been stagnated by lack of innovation and greed. Bitcoin is a light in a dark tunnel for the cannabis industry. The message is “now you can be your own bank.” To the thousands of dispensary operators that have been utterly destroyed by banking and merchant processing partners, this is a new era of opportunity. I do believe in 5-10 years banks will come around to legal cannabis, but by that time bitcoin or another form of digital currency will most likely be the new de-facto US dollar.”

How’s CEO Intends to Use Bitcoin Technology. has a lengthy article about how Patrick Byrne, the CEO of online retailer, Inc, wants to use technology based on the blockchain (which underpins Bitcoin) to move the stock-loan market onto the Internet and put it in the hands of everyone rather than a relatively small group of players like prime brokers. He commented: “We’re


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