Bitcoin Price on frenzy, GDAX Lowers Price Prices 19,000 USD

Bitcoin recordings took place on Thursday, while the Bitcoin value dropped over 19,000 USD on the GDAX cryptocurrency data exchange, leaving a trace of alcohol massacre behind her. But, the rally was characterized by unusual trading activity, including one of the most extensive BTC / USD settles in recent memory.

Bitcoin Value Clips 19,000 USD

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The staggering sunrise saw that Bitcoin increased by more than 5,000 USD over a 12-hour period. The trip from 17,000 USD to 18,000 USD took just 15 minutes, and the jump from 18,000 USD to 19,000 USD was made in five. Until 11:30 AM, the end of the wave the Bitcoin Value reached 19,697 USD and threatened to break 20,000 USD.

This rise has left many people perplexed because it has not been replicated on other prominent Bitcoin changes. Bitstamp, for example, reached a maximum of 15,995 USD, while Bitfinex reached only 15,700 USD. Discords between Bitcoin exchanges are expected, but this is undoubtedly the most significant percentage of BTC – USD spread that bitcoin has seen in recent thought.

Spreading was so drastic that GDAX traders were paying only 100 USD less than South Korea’s Bithumb traders, which frequently prices beat a 20% premium above the global standard.

GDAX falls, the price of Bitcoin Plunged

As soon as it reached 19,000 USD, the amount of Bitcoin began to drop, and by 11:55 it was reduced to 15,100 USD. Three minutes later at 11:58, GDAX descended, moving all the markets in post-Only mode, which means traders could place limit orders but could not trade. Bitcoin remained frozen at 16,299 USD.

Some observers have begun to ask out loud if the GDAX system encountered an error or was hacked by a hacker, but the exchange was resumed at 12:25. And the Bitcoin value began to recover from the diving that took place just before the interruption.

At the point of writing, Bitcoin was priced at 16,889 USD per GDAX – a total of 2,000 USD over Bitfinex price. Median percentage, meanwhile, was 16,096 USD, offering a Bitcoin with a market cap of 269 billion dollars.


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