Bitcoins ATMs are Having a New Trend

A lot of Bitcoin ATM machines are being installed all over the world. This year all along and the in relation to the same period last year, the installation of Bitcoin ATM devices has doubled.

A new report from Coinatmradar suggests that a new trend has attracted entrepreneurs to start installing Bitcoin ATM machines in prime location all around the world. This has been creating new opportunities while it has brought a lot of new people to the industry.

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Currently, there are 119 bitcoin ATM machines running in the U.S. making it over 300 Bitcoin ATM devices scattered around the globe. But with the rising trend, by next year, the number may well be in the thousands. Promoters claim earning potential for machines providing the new bitcoin service is actually quite high.

The most well-known manufacturers of bitcoin ATM machines are BitAccess,, Coin Outlet, General Bytes, Genesis Coin, Lamassu, Robocoin and Skyhook.

With Bitcoin ATMs, people are able to easily deal with Bitcoin alongside traditional money as an easy way of buying and selling bitcoin while generating additional revenue for the owners.

Transaction fees for buying and selling at bitcoin ATMs are about 6 percent. In addition, ATM operators can sell bitcoins at a higher price than they paid for them, which is the main attractive that is leading entrepreneurs to invest in such devices.

While some online entrepreneurs, favor bitcoins because it is not regulated by governments or banks, other small business owners see the currency’s limits. Supporters claim using bitcoins is effective for selling virtual goods like software or premium content. This is because it may cut down on the cost incurred from selling in foreign markets. To make matters worse, bitcoins are also highly volatile as a currency.

Still, ATM devices installed in prime locations have generated revenue of hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This has allowed fortunate ATM operators to pay off the cost of their machines in a blink of an eye. Currently, the expected ROI for ATM machines is said to be around three to nine months.

If you are a bitcoin entrepreneur looking for low cash investments, Bitcoin ATM devices might be your best option!



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