Bitfinex releases new reporting tool; targets new investors by making trading easier

In a market as volatile as cryptocurrency, experienced traders often lose grip following the multitude of its price fluctuations. As a result, various crypto-leaders are building specialized tools to provide a moderate level of guidance to the rising number of investors. Leading this space is Bitfinex, which has taken upon itself to ease crypto-trading through numerous platform releases, mobile app updates and token launches.

In their latest report, Bitfinex shared the launch of a new reporting tool for optimized trading. Available openly on GitHub, the latest tool hosts a key feature that displays USD equivalent values across all their users’ assets. The report mentions that the calculation takes into consideration the daily closing price on the trading pair/USD.

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Source: Medium

Additionally, the above screenshot shows a new section labeled Average Win/Loss that displays the daily, weekly and monthly portfolio gains in USD or fiat currency. Moreover, the tool not only displays the total account balance, but also features the official release of its wallet, which was previously launched as a beta version.

Source: Medium

Although crypto-enthusiasts have exhibited their excitement towards the much-anticipated update from Bitfinex, the feature that’s making the most buzz is the Concentration Risk section, which displays the currency breakdown of the user’s portfolio.

While this development has reignited the comparison between Bitfinex and Binance, the healthy competition within the crypto-ecosystem is resulting in constant innovation.

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