BitForTip uses Bitcoin to Deliver an Attractive Service.

What is Quite simply, BitForTip is a website that allows you to find better price deal for an item/service you need. This is done by simply depositing a small amount of Bitcoin with Bitfortip and asking a question about finding a great deal. The person who finds the best deal is rewarded with the best cryptocurrency to own.


After creating an account on, the system will generate a Bitcoin wallet address for you which is automatically connected to your account. You can deposit or withdraw Bitcoin to and from this account wallet as you would with any other wallet, in order to either fund your account to be able to ask more question, or to withdraw any profit you made from answering other members’ questions.

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Once you’ve funded your account wallet with a minimum of 0.0001 BTC ($0.038 at the time of writing), you are ready to post an inquiry. After entering required details (title, additional info, etc) you will be asked to put an amount of bitcoins in escrow from your account wallet. Then you wait for the answers to roll in.
When someone provides you with the “best answer” or whatever information you were looking for, you then manually release the reward from escrow and the amount is credited directly and instantly to the member’s account wallet.
BitForTip has a great user interface, which can further improve its potential. Chances are that once word is out about this site, a large number of people will go ahead and join it.


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