Bitsoko, Promotes Bitcoin Educational Events in Kenya

Bitsoko is a Nairobi-based Android digital currency wallet, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation that aims to integrate the Blockchain technology to the mobile payment market in Africa. The startup enables people to send money from a smartphone for a 0.1% transaction fee. The company’s mission is to bring digital currency to African people and to facilitate money transfers to Kenya.

Bitsoko, today announced plans to sponsor a series of educational events in Nairobi, Kenya, on the Blockchain.

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This will be 6 events held monthly at the iHub innovation hub that will focus on Blockchain education, networking, and opportunities for local startups to pitch. The events will focus on the Blockchain technology to provide local start-ups with knowledge on opportunities and innovations in the industry.

The start-up is currently trying to create more services within the wallet to increase the use of bitcoin in Kenya.

Allan Juma, Bitsoko co-founder commented:

“We have signed up local businesses including restaurants, cyber cafes,…. If you go to a restaurant and pay using bitcoin, the owner of the business will send us the bitcoin and receive mobile money in exchange. We are trying to build the infrastructure around bitcoin, which is lacking here.”

Bitsoko goal is to teach the community on the opportunities presented by the Blockchain while encouraging entrepreneurs in Nairobi to innovate the industry. Speakers will be invited from the international and local bitcoin community. Each attendee will receive a small amount of bitcoin and educational literature on bitcoin and the Blockchain. The events are scheduled to run on a monthly basis for a half a year.

BitHub, a new space with a strong focus on digital currencies related education and development, in Cape Town. BitX recently announced bitcoin payments for mobile top-ups in Nigeria and South Africa. With the number of digital currency-related startups rising every day, Africa is quickly growing a strong market in the bitcoin space.

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