Bittrex asks 10,000 BTC To List New Coins

In a recent thread on Bitcointalk for Sprouts, Bittrex was accused of asking for 3 Bitcoin (Approximately $840) to list new coins on their exchange. 247CryptoNews investigated.

After first rejecting our request for an interview, Richie from Bittrex obliged.

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The following Question and Answer session ensued:

247CN: “You’ve been accused of asking for 3 BTC in order to be listed on your exchange, what is your official response to this accusation?”

Richie: “Bullshit. We require 10,000 BTC to be listed….why would I ask for 3?”

247CN: “So you are a pay to play exchange?”

Richie: “No. What isn’t explained in this Bitcointalk thread is that I am also a Gigolo.”

247CN: “So it’s 10,000 BTC for a b***?”

Richie: “Yep. How else can I serve a global market?”

There you have it folks. Richie’s handlers ended our interview quickly citing “bronchitis” and an inability to further speak.

*This article is a satire and it should be taken as such! If you don’t know what is a “News Satire” check out :


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