Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich in March

A major industry event, the Blockchain Leadership Summit, will take place on March 9th, 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland. This large-scale event will bring together global market leaders, policymakers, and the biggest names from both the traditional economy and the blockchain and crypto space.

The Summit has been initiated by InnMind, the global business network for the innovative community, together with the KICKICO fundraising platform and in synergy with Crypto Valley ecosystem.

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There will be over 700 attendees and more than 30 top speakers. Summit participants include: Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Sony Kapoor, William Mougayar, Johan Gevers, Efi Pylarinou, Kevin van der Veer, Carmen Walker Späh, Louis de Bruin, and other experts. Key representatives of niche, financial and fintech media will moderate the sections and panel discussions, among them: Tech Crunch, Forbes, CNN Money, Reuters, and

The Blockchain Leadership Summit will be a professional space for those evaluating the potential of tokenizing assets, businesses considering adopting blockchain, those that have successfully raised funds via ICO campaigns, and those interested in global financial trends and wanting to learn more about regulatory challenges and opportunities ahead.

Zurich is a natural location for the summit. “Developers, investors, and entrepreneurs no longer travel from Switzerland to Silicon Valley when it comes to blockchain,” says Matthias Michel, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Zug – the motherland of major blockchain and crypto activities in Switzerland. “On the contrary, people come from California to us in Crypto Valley to see where things are heading.”

Conference and workshop discussions include: the social and economic prospects of blockchain technologies; the financial and social impacts of blockchain; blockchain business integration; boosting business efficiency via tokenization and blockchain integration; blockchain-based project investment; trends and prospects, risk-assessment methodology and portfolio management; ICO market analysis; scoring methodology; AND traditional fundraising methods versus crowd sales.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit will comprise panel discussions, workshops, and face-to-face meetings with experts and market players; and summit attendees will have exclusive networking with traditional and crypto investors, investment funds, policy makers, crypto banks, tokenized companies, exchanges, and blockchain developers. The event will be capped off with a gala dinner hosted by Cryptospace and an art auction, with proceeds going to support children’s education.

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About organizers

KICKICO is a blockchain platform for fundraising in cryptocurrencies, that collected more than 84 000 ETH during its ICO and was named “ICO of the year” by BTC CIS AWARDS. By the end of 2017, KICKICO has 55 000 people community, KICK Coin is traded on 8 exchanges, KICKICO launched more than 10 projects on its platform, that successfully completed their ICOs and raised more than 200 000 ETH of total funds. Among them: Micromoney, Hacken, Universa, Playkey, INS, Storiqa etc, our token is traded on 8 crypto exchanges. One of the main achievements is Cryptospace Moscow – one of the most global blockchain and crypto event of the year, which took place on December 8th and gathered more than 3000 people and 59 top blockchain and crypto experts from all over the world.

InnMind is a global networking platform for startups and investors, an ecosystem for innovative industry participants with HQ in Switzerland and activities in 70 countries worldwide. InnMind is a Corporate Member of Crypto Valley Association, organiser or the biggest meetups around blockchain and crypto in Swiss Romandie, featured as a most advanced ecosystem for startups in a book “Startup Evolution Curve”



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