BlockTrail Makes Bitcoin Development Easier by Lowering Entry Barriers

The world of Bitcoin and digital currency is a playground for aspiring developers, as there are still many technological advancements and implementations waiting to be unlocked. In order to help with that process, there are several API’s at your disposal to add Bitcoin functionalities to your applications. One of those platforms is BlockTrail, and they offer a complete set of tools to take your app to the next level.

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BlockTrail: Blockchain Data, Wallet, Web Wallet and Webhooks

Creating a foundation for the infrastructure you wish to employ in your application is something BlockTrail prides itelf on. Rather than letting developers figure out the necessary steps on their own, BlockTrail wants to encourage the Bitcoin economy by offering a selection of secure and reliable tools to help you on your way.

One of the concerns most developers have when it comes to Bitcoin is the fact there is a steep learning curve in order to understand the full effect of the underlying technology. And while that statement holds a lot of merit, BlockTrail aims to remove the entry barriers for aspiring developers so that Bitcoin can grow in all aspects of everyday life.

Included in the Developer Platform are various APIs. Up first is the Blockchain Data API, which allows developers to pull raw data from the entire Bitcoin network. This includes transactions, wallet addresses, blocks, the number of confirmations on certain transactions, and much more.

Developers aiming to create a wallet service — or include wallet functionality — for their applications can use BlockTrail’s Wallet API. Developers can also make use of BlockTrail’s multi-signature security to offer a complete and secure wallet solution.

By using BlockTrail’s Developer Platform tools, Webhooks can be used to push notifications whenever a new transaction takes place, or if a

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