British Politician Warns Trump ‘CIA Is Plotting Assassination’

InvestmentWatch / BY IWB · JANUARY 16, 2017

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by Baxter Dmitry

British politician George Galloway has warned Donald Trump the American deep state is engaged in a “soft coup d’etat” and the CIA is planning to assassinate him.

 “There is a clear and present danger on his life. If I were him, I wouldn’t be going near any grassy knolls.

I wouldn’t be on any motorcades in Dallas. I wouldn’t be traveling in an open-top car.

“I’d be very careful if I was Donald Trump about my personal security. I think I’d have to employ guards to guard the guards.

Galloway, who has served 31 years as an elected British Member of Parliament, also dismissed claims that Russia was interfering in US politics – and instead pointed the finger at British intelligence services.

It turns out it was Britain that was interfering in the US presidential elections – not Russia.



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