BTC-E dips to $150 unexpectedly. Blames Samuel L. Jackson.

Trading overnight on BTC-E reached as low as $150USD per BTC. To report on why BTC-E was the only exchange to see such a low price, 247CN investigated.

While BTC-E refused to comment, they did supply a ticket from who is suspected to be Samuel L. Jackson. The ticket read “I’m sick and tired of this mo**** fu***** BTC on my mo**** fu***** wallet.”

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Looks to us like someone rage quit Bitcoin and sold off a minimum of 10,000 Bitcoin.

Stray tuned for further developments.

*This article is a satire and it should be taken as such! If you don’t know what is a “News Satire” check out : – This article is part of our “Not Crypto News” category and is the only part of this site that promotes satire. Why? Because we need to take a break and laugh from time to time. It’s healthy and we want to keep our readers healthy!


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