CanYa Redefines the Freelance Service Providing Marketplace

One of the major values that internet offers to humankind is the ability for parties to connect and work with one another without borders on an independent level, while maintaining peculiar contracts between themselves. Hence, freelance services have developed into an entire industry with enormous benefits for both the service providers and their respective clients.

The blockchain intrusion

Establishments like Upwork and Fiverr have served as platforms where clients find service providers for various tasks and settle on contracts and terms of service. This has in so many ways simplified operational processes for parties involved and expanded the working and business opportunities by eliminating the barriers of distance and other bureaucratic and logistic implications.

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Despite the advancement achieved by these systems in simplifying the solutions and service rendering industry, their still exist a number of limitations which have been further exposed by the emergence of blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a tool that is practically finding expression in every industry where there is a form of interaction and transaction, and the solutions and services industry is not left out.

The CanYa platform

Leveraging on blockchain technology, the CanYa platform, a fully featured marketplace of peer-to-peer services that consists of iOS & Android apps and a beta web-app is effectively disrupting the system and offering cheaper, more secure and more efficient freelance marketplace that suits all classes of service providers.

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CanYa is an ideal platform for digital freelances who are living in countries with volatile currencies where the value of earnings could change significantly over a short period of time. For this purpose, the platform’s native token (CAN) is used in CanYa’s hedged escrow contract which protects the user base from price fluctuations.

For freelancers that engage in international business or services, the commissions usually charged on traditional payment methods can be significantly high. This might affect what they charge for their services, or make them lose part of the payments. CanYa enables the absolute bypass of such high commissions. Also, crypto holders who want to digitize all their transactions while still making themselves easy to do business with can easily employ the CanYa platform which makes it very easy for service givers to withdraw Fiat.

Already existing products

CanYa is not an entirely new innovation into the market, despite still launching several new products. It is already finding effective application in a number of ways. For example, the CanYa App, which is a proof of concept app that is already working in Australia is applicable using regular currencies. The App adapts to all popular blockchain coins, in addition to the CanYa coin which has specific benefits such as enabling users to pay with any coin, and also providers can receive payments however they want.

Other benefits of CanYa Coin includes:

  • Providers can purchase premium features for a monthly subscription.
  • CanYa may reward users with a token and create economically incentivised network effects.
  • Only 1% Transaction fee will be paid by the service provider.
  • No fees or transaction limits on withdrawals.
  • Coin will be stable – 50% on Platform, 50% in user rewards pool.

The CanYa platform also offers Machine Learning for job bookings, Chatbot, Hedge Contract for jobs (job value guarantee despite coin fluctuations), meaning that all CanYa jobs will automatically create a hedged smart contract to lock in the value of the agreed upon price, and it is an international multi-lingual platform.

Encouraging mainstream adoption

CanYa is a trusted app-based marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin the product is helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the crypto-community and skilled service providers.

The public CanYaCoin (CAN) sale will be conducted over four stages and will commence this November. There will be 46,800,000 CAN tokens on offer over four stages. Each stage will reduce in discount to incentivise early adopters.


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