CrypStock- Interview with the Co-Founders

Cryptopotato got the pleasure of interviewing the founders of Crypstock, Alexander Keselman (Technological Project Manager and Co-Founder), and Ofir Felix (Project Manager and Co-Founder). Crypstock creates a new innovative exchange which produces a consolidated order book from up to 30 notable exchanges in the market.

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Every trader wants to buy and sell their assets at the best price, which is why most of them have accounts at a number of different exchanges. Most traders regularly check all the different exchanges before placing an order to get the best price. This process can be exhaustive and might potentially waste valuable time, causing traders to lose profits.

To resolve this problem, Crypstock creates a consolidated order book for up to 30 notable exchanges in the market. This will allow Crypstock to provide traders or normal investors with the best price of coins. Their internal algorithm ensures that the users are provided with the best and cheapest prices of the assets.

This will save users time and will help them avoid going through numerous exchanges to find the best price with the lowest fee charges.

The interview starts with Felix describing the project and talking about their experience as well as the team that is working on the Crypstock project. The team members have more than 30 years of collective experience in the trading and finance industry.

Keselman explains that the project is based on two elements:

  • Consolidation of order books from more than 30 exchanges into 1 integrated order book.
  • Availability of the system on every used exchange.

Keselman further explains that the consolidation of the order book is the unique point of the exchange, which also makes for a stronger business model.

Then, Felix explains the experience of a future trader on the Crypstock platform, explaining how they will receive the best price of an asset through their consolidated order book. According to Felix, Crypstock does not have any direct competitors in the market that provide the same services to the user.

Felix also clarifies that 60% of the ICO funds will go towards exchange development. This will introduce new trading pairs and other new functionalities. To protect the exchange and the funds of the investors, Crypstock will be developed on the Japanese regulatory guidelines for crypto currency exchanges. The Crypstok token is a utility token as it will not provide any kind of dividend or rights to the company.


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