Crypto Price Analysis & Overview April 16: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS and Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin went through a correction and found support at around $5000 while seeing a fraction of resistance at the $5200 zone. The volume dropped slightly and another crucial support level to watch seems to be the 50-MA (moving average line), which is about to cross the 200 MA on a daily chart called the Golden Cross as we saw in several altcoins this year.

BTCUSD-minEthereum (ETH)

Against the dollar, ETH found support at around $160 and felt resistance in this range at $170. It looks like a head and shoulders pattern, and we should take the risk that the $150 levels can be tested in the near term.

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ETHUSD-minAgainst Bitcoin, ETH found support at around 0.03 BTC while resistance lies at 0.34 BTC. Also, you can see that the MA-50 crossed the MA-200 which is the optimistic scenario.

ETHBTC-minRipple (XRP)

Against the dollar, XRP found support above $0.31 and saw resistance in this range seen at $0.33.


Against Bitcoin, the downfall continues, and the support holds around 6260 SAT, for now, resistance is at 6600 SAT in this range.


Against the dollar, EOS saw support around $5, while the resistance in this range is at $5.60. 2019 is so far a successful year for EOS: the trend has changed and EOS for $2, which was the price mark at the beginning of the year, looks like history.

EOSUSD-minAgainst Bitcoin, the support lies around 0.001 BTC. The last is not stable. In this range, the resistance lies at 0.00115BTC.

EOSBTC-minBitcoin Cash (BCH)

Against the dollar, BCH rallied up to $348 with support at $290 and resistance at $320. The market is pushing up, and it’s not sure we have seen the top this year.

BCHUSD-minAgainst Bitcoin, the support is at 0.05 BTC while the resistance is at 0.065 BTC which is a large gap following the volatility, seeing resistance at these levels from major the correction in November 2018. Since then, the price didn’t return to these levels mentioned.



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