CryptoHwwallet Premium Genuine leather case for KeepKey Hardware wallet (World’s first custom-made genuine leather case for KeepKey by crypto enthusiast at CryptoHwwallet Black Leather Case Only)

Price: $39.99

World’s first custom-made genuine leather case for Keepkey hardware wallet by crypto enthusiast at cryptoHWwallet (cryptoHWwallet Logo is a registered trademark worldwide, all copy rights are reserved) If Bitcoin is digital gold, Crypto hardware wallets are the Swiss Bank Vault to store that gold. CryptoHWwallet cases play the role of the Swiss Bank Guards ensuring the protection of that Vault. Elegance & Luxury CryptoHWwallet leather case brings you a peace of mind with every touch while giving your wallet a sense of luxury and elegance. Quality & Durability Made with premium leather, every stitch was created by a German Schmetz needle to provide strength and durability your wallet deserves. Design & Protection Professionally designed to add the best protection and feel, with every touch without sacrificing the convenience of user.Genuine Leather case for KeepKey Hardware wallet
Perfectly fits and protects your KeepKey from drop and cracks
Easy accessible to all ports and functions of the KeepKey
Comes with Dust Bag for proper storage
Genuine Leather Case Only

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