Delta: Create your own crypto portfolio – App review

Over the last year, the cryptocurrency market has seen amazing growth. The total market capitalization went from $18 billion US on Jan 2017 to $500 billion on Jan 2018. Although, the majority of the market cap is held up by bitcoin, numerous other crypto tokens are playing their role in building the crypto economy.

Keeping this in mind, investors are facing a hard time while trying to maintain their investments in the crypto market. The huge diversity that is found in the crypto tokens means that investors need a platform, through which they can manage their investments in dozens of different projects.

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Crypto traders also need to manage their portfolio, just like conventional stock market traders. Portfolio management applications can help investors make sense and keep order in their investments. With the help of a single platform, investors can easily manage their multiple investments and critically evaluate their investments and make decisions based on these evaluations.

Due to its diversity, cryptocurrency traders desperately require a portfolio management application. Serious investors, who are managing dozens of different cryptocurrencies at numerous different exchanges, need a unified platform; to clarify the cluster and get a better understanding of their assets.

Delta solves these issues

Delta aims to maintain a platform that will help investors clear the clutters and get a clear overview of their profits or unfortunately, their losses. In their own words, Delta has the “evolution of your entire portfolio,” as their main focus while building the main application.

The application provides a separate detailed section for every coin, which includes a detailed analysis. Users can track the performance of their coin and their positions alongside. Investors can also setup alerts, so that they never miss opportunities to generate profit.

The app boasts an impressive dark themed UI, with all the charts that will be required for you to function in a highly effective manner. The app provides different information such as, your profit over all, as well as the last 24hrs change.

Delta supports more than 2000 coins, which is almost the entire cryptocurrency token catalogue. An interesting feature that no other portfolio management application offers is that Delta allows user to add custom coins. This means that users can track their holdings of a coin, which has yet to hit Coinmarketcap.

Users can also add transactions with ease, they just have to select the token, the exchange and enter the amount of transaction to carry out. This makes it convenient for users to add in transactions into their portfolios and edit accordingly. Users can tick the “deduct from holdings” toggle to update their holdings as they carry out transactions. No longer, will they have to carry out two transactions.

Delta also has a PRO version, which is paid. The paid application can create up to 10 different portfolios, which is a huge advantage for traders. They can manage different amounts of investments in different portfolios and can decide which portfolios to trade aggressively high-risk and which ones are lower-risk investments.

Delta currently supports more than 70 crypto exchanges. A clear view of your portfolio will increase the effectiveness of your trades and provide you with information regarding your strategies, decisions and the overall market trend.

Delta How to use guide


When starting the app for the first time, it lets you decide whether you would like the darker UI or the lighter one. I personally prefer the darker one, so I turned it on. You can change it later via settings.


Then you can create a portfolio by simply pressing the big ( + ) button in the middle of the screen. The whole process is pretty smooth, and the application explains every step in the way.


You can add tokens manually in your portfolio or simply connect your exchange account to automatically import all of your holdings. Through this screen, you can also add coins that are yet to hit the main exchange market. This means that unlike other portfolio applications, you have the ability to add custom coins and can track their performance progress over time.


Back to main screen, Delta allows to create a watchlist, which is basically a list of coins that are you keeping your eye on for potential opportunities. By default, Delta includes Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in the watchlist, but you can easily add in more coins.


On the top right corner, you can view the current market status. The application currently includes almost 2000 crypto coins and you can get detailed information about each one of them. The screen also shows the movement of the market in the last 24hrs and the overall market cap value.


On pressing a specific coin, its chart pops up, along with various other useful information that can help traders make the right choices, while trading.

From here, you can add transactions and alerts. These functionalities allow users to update their portfolios and helps them by alerting them of the movement of an asset.

These are the main functionalities of the Delta application. Through the settings menu, you can change various settings, such as the default currency, notification options and more.
The Delta PRO, the paid version, provides additional functionalities, which are the following:

  • Users can create up to 10 different portfolios
  • Users can connect to unlimited number of exchanges to sync their data
  • Users can sync up to 5 different devices

In Conclusion and more info

To keep it short, the following are some of the salient features of the application.

  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Exchanges Supported: More than 70
  • Price: Free, Paid (PRO Version $8.5 per month)

To download and more details: Delta App website



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