Double Flame Dabbing Torch – Culinary Torch – For Professional Chef – Creme Brulee Cooking – Blow Jet Lighter kit – Dab rig (without butane gas)

Price: $17.99


Due to aviation regulation, the torches are shipped without butane

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Multi-function windproof Butane Torch/Dab rig.

This Handheld butane blowtorch is a must-have in the kitchen. It is light-weight and easy to use; perfect for caramelizing the top layer of sugar on crème brûlée — add a glossy exterior to chocolate ganache or brown the top of lemon meringue pie. This double flame food torch is also terrific for easily skinning peppers and tomatoes – a quick blast with a blowtorch is much quicker and easier than roasting in the oven for 15 minutes or so. The focused heat also works well for roasting vegetables and melting cheese. The high direct heat of a blowtorch can be also used to crisp skin from fish, poultry or meat. Blowtorches can be used for finishing off pork crackling to ensure a ‘snap’ when eating.

Blowtorches are brilliant for lightly toasting meringues. The controlled heat applied by this dual flame makes it perfect for unmoulding chilled desserts such as jellies, cheesecake or ice creams; it’s also useful to warm up knives to cleanly cut through frozen foods.

The best technique to practice when using a blowtorch is to use a sweeping motion, where the dual flame goes slowly back and forth across the surface to evenly ‘scorch’ the food.

Cook a perfect steak

IThis double flame can torch both sides quicker to turns the meat brown (chefs call the “Maillard” reaction) to seal in the flavor, then grill until medium rare.

Our butane gas torch can also be used as a cigar lighter, soldering and brazing, cutting of foam, plastics and rope; shape or repair jewelry

Bring it camping or your next BBQ to light the fire.

Butane Gas not included

Be sure to purchase Butane (not propane) that is for lighter/torch

SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDPOWERFUL DUAL FLAMES Butane Torch for your dab rig or brown your food evenly at a faster speed over other blow torch. This creme brulee torch offer superior cooking flexibility and the ergonomic angled nozzle greatly improve the ease of operation. The sharp and direct flames provide accuracy to where the flame is needed and the kitchen torch even works up-side-down. More efficient than single flame blowtorches. Great as dab rig.
LARGE SIZE TWIN BURNER TOOL measures at 8″ in height with a 5″ nozzle length, a perfect kit for any kitchen yet it is LIGHT WEIGHT for prolong period of use. This cordless tool is portable, use it as handheld grill, broiler or lighter. Great to take with you on your vacation or barbeque, indoor or outdoor. Comes with top quality gift box, making it the perfect gift for anyone.
SUPERIOR QUALITY JET sturdy design with wide base which also served as a cover for fuel port at the bottom. Fuel tank body, a non-slip grid handle made of aluminium to prevent gas leaks and rust corrosion, can hold up to 60 minutes of butane gas refillable in seconds.
FEATURES: High flame, Self igniting piezo system, Anti-flaring design with windproof flame up to 1300˚C / 2400˚F. Child safety locking mechanism to prevent any accidental activation.
MULTIPLE USE ideal chef tool for caramelizing sugar on creme brulee, browning tarts and meringues, toasting marshmallows and s’mores, melting cheese, charring vegetable and fruit, glazing ham and other meats, searing seafood, grills, camp fires, lighting charcoal and many more. A handy kit for professional cook or home kitchen.

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