Double Relay Plus Version USB Dongle WatchDog for Mining Miner Rig Unattended Operation Crash Auto Recover Reboot 36524 hours Computer Sensor Switch


Software download instructions refer to QA.
System operation log in real time save
You can get a sense of the system and how it works
Pinpoint problems
The New Double Relay Plus Version,Any monitoring programs are available.
Dual core monitoring chip WDG273
Specifies program monitoring
Network connection monitoring
365X24 hours of monitoring
Double Blue Light And White Light
Better than the previous generation.

Any monitoring programs are available.Is the incoming call automatic.
Dual software hardware monitoring.Software download instructions refer to QA.
Double channel/Double Relay Double Solid state capacitance
Regular automatic restart,No Need to Drive. Works with servers, miner rigs, GPU miners Windows and Unix Base.
New generation Adapt to more operating systems:win7,win8,win10,linux. -Monitors I/O activity and presses system RESET switch for you causing the system to restart .

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