Dragon’s Tale : A Bitcoin Game Designed to Keep You Engaged

Dragon’s Tale is one of the exciting online bitcoin gambling platforms out there. The majority of Bitcoin gambling platforms on the internet offers casino games. Players on these platforms can play slots, card and table games which are popular in real world casinos. Even though players make money on these games and they are addictive, they still get boring after a while.

Unlike regular casinos, there is no human interaction (real or virtual) on online bitcoin casinos, which makes the whole gaming experience a bit monotonous after a while. Also, if a person feels more lively and engaged while playing a game, he/she generally tend to spend more on the platform. Dragon’s Tale is one of the kind bitcoin gambling platforms which has factored in all these variables to offer a completely different experience to gamers and gamblers alike.

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Dragon’s Tale is created by one of the well-known game development company – eGenesis. The company is known for the development of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. A Tale in the Desert and Dragon’s Tale are their well-known games. While A Tale in the Desert is a regular MMORPG set in Ancient Egypt, Dragon’s Tale is set in China. Dragon’s Tale also includes a lot of mini-games that involves gambling with bitcoin.

The mini games on Dragon’s Tale share more than few similarities with the casino games that are available on the other gambling platforms. However, the games are set in a more interactive fashion with lively representations. These mini games are an adaptation of traditional games. For E.g. the well-known game of roulette is represented as Silly Monkey in Dragon’s Tale. Here instead of a roulette wheel, a monkey jumps around the cage to land on a tile. These fruit tiles are comparable to the numbers on a roulette wheel.

Being a social game, players can interact with each other, join forces and complete tasks at hand, share the bounty or loan some bitcoin to fellow players and so on. This kind of interactive setting is not available on any other bitcoin gambling site. The user engagement offered by Dragon’s Tale makes the players spend more time on the game and also revisit the game as often as possible. It will also lead to people spending more on the platform to win in a similar fashion.

There are a number of reviews of this game available online, most of which are generally positive. One can download the game from Dragon’s tale website. The installation file is smaller than most of the other games and it does not require high-end graphics processors to be installed on the computer. The game runs smoothly on any average PC. The gameplay is simple, with detailed instructions available.

Dragon’s Tale offers great rewards too. There are many hidden bitcoin treasures spread across the game where players can pick up small bitcoin rewards. These small rewards go a long way as a seed fund to start placing bets on various mini-games in the beginning.

If you decide to install and try this game out, do let us know your thoughts about the game.

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