Dragon’s Tale – Earn Bitcoin Playing the most Exotic Casino Games

Dragon’s Tale is the coolest and most original Bitcoin Casino you will ever find. It is one of the oldest Bitcoin Casinos and the one place where you can find the most exquisite Casino-based games in the whole Bitcoin gambling industry.

In fact, Dragon’s Tale was the first to introduce a completely new model to the Bitcoin casino industry, by developing a new Casino gambling style where players could enjoy a Role play game while being able to gamble at the same time. This was a unique genre of gambling which immediately attracted a lot of players to become a sort of “Second Life” of gambling.

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This Casino presents a fantastic virtual world filled with islands where users will find dozens of fun and original skill and luck based casino mini games.

Users can create a free account, select their avatar and go around meeting other players and gambling exotic casino mini games. Players have to complete assignments and other quests so that they can level up their Avatars and gain access to other islands and other games.

If you are a frequent player of online casinos, you will be pretty amazed because these games are like something you’ve never seen before. You will find exotic types of checkers, strange variants of poker, and a lot of original variants of Slot games.

Dragon’s Tale is a great game for those players who enjoy having a good time playing role play, but also fancy gambling. If you are one of those players, Dragon’s Tale might be the perfect Bitcoin Casino for you!


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