Dragon’s Tale – Light the Floors of the Tower of Light and get rewarded

Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin casino role play game that offers players to enter a virtual world of fun and exotic casino-based mini-games. Launched back in 2012, Dragon’s Tale is one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos around and the first to introduce a mix of role playing and casino gambling.

In this fantastic casino virtual world, there are dozens of original mini-games that are quite simple to play and the can get you some nice returns. One of these fun games is the Tower of Lights. The Tower of Lights is a simple skill game where players will need to adorn consecutive floors of the tower with lanterns representing each of China’s many provinces. Players will be able to easily find the Tower of Lights throughout many of the islands of the game.

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The whole purpose of the game is to achieve a glow, Radiance, Fluorescence or “Blazence” by lighting the various floors of the tower. Depending on the type of the glow players will be able to win. To do this the player will need to pick the right lanterns to achieve a certain glow. All you have to do is get the right glow and get rewarded. The tower of Lights is basically a game of memory so once you get the hang of it, you will be able to have a fair advantage in the game.

Aside from the Tower of Lights, players will be able to choose from several fun games. All the games in this amazing virtual world are also provably fair, thus giving every player the chance to win big Bitcoin prizes.

The Tower of Lights is just one in many exotic games that can be found in this fantastic casino virtual world. Join Dragon’s Tale now and start exploring this amazing Bitcoin Casino.


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