Dragon’s Tale – The Massive Multiplayer Casino Role Play Game

Dragon’s Tale is the first ever Massive Multiplayer Role Play Bitcoin Casino Game. It is the most awkward Bitcoin Casino ever built. Since its inception, the Casino has tried to differentiate from the common online gambling sites by being able to introduce a completely new gambling style into the scene.

Casinos often offer the same traditional games and are pretty much the same. That’s where Dragon’s Tale “cracked the pot” and introduced something completely new to the Bitcoin gambling industry: an Online Massive Multiplayer Role Play Casino Game.

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You won’t find any of the traditional games usually found at most casinos; instead, you will find a virtual world composed by many islands where players are free to move around exploring and betting on practically everything. Dragon’s Tale is also a good place to meet other players. The Bar is often the place where players can meet, but there are a whole lot of places where players can meet and even gamble against each other.

The game also opens up other possibilities and besides dozens of casino based games players can also invite their friends and arrange their own tournaments or other events.

You can easily sign up for an account and start playing with having to make an initial deposit, by completing quests with your character you can also earn some coins. Anyone can join Dragon’s Tale and easily start earning bitcoins. Players can receive Bitcoin gifts from soldier statues that can be found throughout the game or they can simply find a rare and valuable object.

If you are one of those players who just want to spend some quality time gambling and having good fun, then Dragon’s Tale is surely what you are looking for. So, go on, don’t be shy. Sign today and start exploring the wonderful world of dragon’s Tale.


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