Earning Bitcoin with Websites, a Comparison of Bitcoin Ad Networks

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earning bitcoinsAdvertising can be a hard way to earn money, especially in an era when many people are using anti-advertising plugins for their browsers, and most often people are specifically clicking on ads in order to support the platform where they see them.

Bitcoin has a way of making that which is old new again, in that advertising is often a crucial means of distributing information about a new product in the Bitcoin space. There are some advertising platforms that have been specifically developed for the Bitcoin space. One of the oldest and best established is the CoinURL platform, which both allows users to monetize short links and allows websites to sign up and run display ads.

CoinURL has published its stats, and as you can see, the outlook is bleak for advertising. Out of 10265790 impressions on June 22nd, for instance, the entire network received a total of just 2593 clicks. There can be many factors which contribute to this, including the content of the advertisements. Users need a real incentive to click an ad anymore, although in new niches like Bitcoin, ads can serve as a viable means to find needed information. A couple of days before that, the network experienced twice as many clicks, which may be a testament to the ads being displayed that day.

But then, ads don’t necessarily need to be clicked to be profitable to the advertiser. Brand recognition alone is a valuable asset, and a good way to develop it over time is to advertise in places that your potential customers frequent.


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