EOS New York fights fire with fire; claims AnChain’s report failed to ‘de-legitimize’ EOS

AnChain, a blockchain security firm, released a Blockchain Bot Report on May 31, detailing how dApps are failing to attract users and how most of the reported volume from gambling dApps and sites powered by EOS/Ethereum or other similar blockchains, were infested by bots. EOS New York has come out and rebutted this report on a Medium post, addressing the misrepresentation of facts by AnChain.

The rebuttal says that AnChain spoke about the analysis of top 10 gambling dApps on EOS, but failed to mention a metric by which it was categorized. It thus, failed in its attempt to “de-legitimize” EOS, the rebuttal said. Additionally, the post stated,

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“Nevertheless, nothing in’s report can be used to infer that EOS is any less fast, secure, decentralized, flexible, scalable or agile than it actually is.”

EOS New York also spoke about how EOS has been live for only a year and that dApps and other technologies in general, are still in their nascent stage and need to find their footing.


The post added that there has been massive diversification, even after being live for only a year which can be seen in the image attached above. The post further addressed the source of the transactions, stating,

“We are not interested in debating whether or not these transactions are driven by bots or humans. Nor do we wish to debate the intent behind the transactions at all because, frankly, EOS does not care about intent when processing transactions. Transaction intent of a subset of dApps is not important when evaluating the fitness of the EOS blockchain.”

The rebuttal also addressed the “fake” activity on dApps, stating,

“Verifying that any business applications’ activity is authentic is foundational to understanding the value of any business overall. No one should refute this.”

EOS New York also responded that transaction intent did not alter the intrinsic property of the blockchain, adding that “95% of Bitcoin’s transaction volume is fake, but its value is real.”

The report concluded by stating,

“We look forward to watching the EOS dApp ecosystem mature and for amazing businesses to continue to disintermediate, disrupt, and reposition power and influence back into the hands of the everyday value creators.”

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