Ethereum Classic [ETC] Summit: From IoT to interoperability, blockchain community celebrates innovation

12th September was the first day of a significant blockchain gathering that took place at the 2018 Ethereum Classic Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Here, the Director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative opened the summit wherein he extended his warm welcome to the attendees and delivered a talk titled ‘The State of Ethereum’. He stated that the talks included in the event will be all about understanding blockchain for whoever wants to learn and discuss.

Lusardi began by stating the current scenario within the ETC ecosystem. He discussed the size of the ETC team, the different core teams involved, such as IOHK and ETCDEV and more. Additionally, he mentioned that the number of members working on the ETC blockchain has gone up from 11 to 38 in a year’s span.

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When speaking of ETC adoption and popularity, Lusardi notified that it is the third largest blockchain by transaction volume. He also recalled the bear market of August and stated that ETC was still doing well in terms of transactions counts. In his words:

“They’ve [number of transactions] actually gone up quite a bit… Nearly jumped like from about 28,000 to nearly 46,000 over the last three months. […] And obviously, there is a lot more room for ETC to grow but I’m really not going to be surprised when we move up and we’re much higher on the chart.”

Antony Lusardi speaking at the ETC Summit | Source: Youtube

Antony Lusardi speaking at the ETC Summit | Source: Youtube

Regarding the recent breakout of the cryptocurrency bear market and its impact on ETC, Lusardi stated that the cryptocurrency survived when the market was crashing. In his presentation. he also wrote that ETC stayed relatively stable during the downturn compared to most of the cryptocurrencies.

Next, Darcy Reno from ETCDEV appeared on the stage to speak more about the Ethereum ecosystem where he outlined the past, present and future of the blockchain. He talked about ETC milestones, the history of the hard fork and much more. Reno also touched the topic of Emerald Wallet V1.

Here, he stated that the first version of the wallet released a few months back. The techie also mentioned the progress observed by the team. He added:

“The wallet has been downloaded 22,000 times, so people are actually using it.”

Since Ethereum Classic is one of the projects of the science and engineering firm Input Output [IOHK], one of its members called Dionysis Zindros came forth to deliver knowledge on interoperable cross-chain transfers on ETC to other blockchains. The researcher started off by explaining the definition of sidechains and cross-chains where he cited Ethereum and Ethereum Classic as the perfect examples.

Dionysis Zindros presenting on Sidechains | Source: Youtube

Dionysis Zindros presenting on Sidechains | Source: Youtube

He furthered by naming the two blockchains as A and B, wherein one was the source and the other was the destination blockchain. Zindros stated that the model allows the two blockchains to communicate. Subsequently, the destination blockchain can learn about the events taking place on the source blockchain. He believes that if the two blockchains operate with integrity and safety, the interfacing between the two could be a positive, trustless mechanism.

Dionysis Zindros was not the only one representing IOHK’s contribution to Ethereum Classic. During the summit, another member of the firm, Tom Flynn also took to the stage and introduced the team members, such as researchers and developers of IOHK. However, he soon switched to the development of Mantis and its integration with Daedalus. In the month of April, IOHK released the 1.1 version of Daedalus Mantis for Ethereum Classic.

The conference also had a captivating demonstration carried out by the blockchain architect at Accenture named Cody Burns. Here, he mentioned the many use-cases of blockchain technology, from tracking an element in real-time to building smart intersections by the automotive industry leading to a safer conveyance pattern.

There were several other developers, researchers and blockchain experts who spoke on the occasion. However, this was only the first day of the ETC Summit that is scheduled for 12th September to 13th September.


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