Ethereum Price Increase Rise The Sales of Nvidia GPUs

Rising prices at Ethereum push Nvidia’s value, according to analyst Mitch Steeves of RBC Capital. Steeves argues that the high rates of Ethereum will increase the use of Nvidia GPUs for mining. On Monday, Nvidia shares rose 1.67 USD, or 0.8%, to 216.60 USD.

Steeves, who gave Nvidia a “better” rating, said the cryptocracy recovery period has fallen as prices have risen. Price increases include Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, and Bitcoin.

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Resumed by a record binoculars rally, last week, the entire cryptographic ceiling exceeded the threshold of 300 billion dollars for the first time – making the combined capitalization of all cryptocurrencies more valuable than the Bank of America. Altcoin markets have more or less surprised Bitcoin’s wind, allowing many cryptocurrencies to reach their historic milestones.

The return period of the Ethereum is decreased

Repayment time for Ethereum is now around 5.6 months versus 9.4 months before growth, Steeves said, as Barron said. Such declines in the recovery period increase the use of GPUs for mining and could lead to a continuing force for GPU sales.

He has attributed price increases to cryptocurrency at institutional investment, at least in part.

Steeves called the issue a multi-faceted question, but investors recognize the value of cryptocurrencies. He expects to see more institutional investment and investment from individuals with high net worth.

Crypto Technology Progresses

Meantime, cryptocurrency technology continues to progress at a rapid velocity.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network also made progress, said Steeves, while the software development team is working on ring signatures for private transactions. Steeves also mentioned that Metropolis’ upgrading from Ethereum increased confidence in cryptocurrency.

Regardless of whether the increases will be supported or not, it is difficult to know, he said. But cryptocurrencies are still here to stay. He advised investors to track all minted crypto correlations with GPUs within the next 1 or 2 months.

Ethereum’s price increase of 2000 percent this year has advised miners to acquire AMD and Nvidia graphics processing units to mitigate cryptocurrency, which has led to rising demand.

Nvidia earned a 150 million dollars advance due to the increase in interest for cryptocurrency miners, according to the company’s quarterly revenue report. This requirement has led many to believe that AMD and Nvidia should be concerned if the market has contracted. Still, according to Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, companies should be safe for now.

If Ethereum heads for proof of participation, GPUs will not give mines too much on the network because payments are then counted differently. As such, the interest would decrease. But, as the end of 2018 pushed the update, the analyst has increased its price targets for both Nvidia and AMD.

In essence, Curtis expects both companies to keep their cryptocurrency wave, which has helped them for at least another year.

The analyst supports Nvidia because of its dominance in the field of synthetic intelligence and the launch of a new Volta processor that should increase the company’s leader in the GPU market while maintaining its performance beyond AMD’s performance for the foreseeable future.


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