Most famous bitcoin gambling domains

There are thousands ways to make money online and, investing in the domain names is getting very popular. More and more businesses are established purely online and, even the entities that used to work offline, are unable to function property without a proper online presence. This is where a domain name becomes important. Look at the domain name the same way as you would look at a regular business location. A restaurant located in the tourist area of the city center will certainly get more visitors than a place at the outskirts. Same goes for the internet business, a person is more likely to buy from than from

In the modern times, most of the bitcoin transactions are attributed to gambling, and today is a perfect time to profit from the bitcoin online casinos by investing in the domain names. Let’s take a look at the most interesting sales of the domains.

Sponsored Links is sold for $26,000

Well, there are many people that can actually spend over 25,000 dollars on a domain name, especially if it is related to gambling. However, new TLDs are getting released so often that any domain that does not end with .com comes with a very small value. Still, deal has set a record for .casino TLD and is certainly one of the largest sums paid for a new type of a domain extension.

Even though this sale cannot be compared to the .com purchases, like getting sold for over 3 million USD and going out for 2.5 million USD, it still marks an important point in time for both bitcoin-related domains and new TLDs.

Other sales

Most of the bitcoin-related domains are actually the .com ones. The reason for this is rather simple. Bitcoins are relatively a newcomer to the market, when compared to gambling, football or anything that existed before the Internet. As a result, not so many BTC domains are taken or sold at a very high premium.

One of the most recent sales happened in June 2015, when the domain name was sold for nearly $3,000. This, of course, does not sound like a lot. However, the chances that the domain name was just registered for $10 by the seller are very high. Does not sound like a bad return on one’s equity, does it? A similar sale happened a year before, got sold for $3,000. As you can see, both of the domains are parked, meaning that nobody develops a website. Hence, the main aim of the buyer was not to get a domain name, but invest into one.

Should you invest in the bitcoin gambling domains?

Considering that it takes, in most of the cases, around $10 to register a domain name, and that the bitcoin gambling is getting legal and popular, the answer is simple – yes. While writing this article, I have actually purchased, which is certainly not the best domain. Still, it can be easily sold for over a thousand bucks once bitcoin gambling gets even more popular.

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