The Famous Broker Larson&Holz IT Ltd. Launches an ICO of a New Project

Business-congress in Moscow saw the presentation of an ICO with an ultimately new business idea—a crypto-version of a retail Forex broker Larson&Holz. Alexandr Smirnoff, the Head of the Trading Operations and Audit Department, L&H broker group, the Head of a TOP-20 trading guild and a well-known specialist in market technologies and financial consulting, gave a speech about LH Crypto at the event.

Today millions of people across the globe prefer e-currencies to conventional, they purchase goods and services online in crypto-currencies, and this decision seems perfectly logical. The company stated that this year Larson&Holz has received an outrageous amount of requests to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their trading accounts in bitcoins and other crypto-currencies; these requests gave the broker an idea to launch this project.

Mr Smirnoff outlined that the company is planning to create a real broker division, not just a crypto-currencies exchange platform. According to Mr Smirnoff, this ICO is different from all the other parallel projects, because the crypto division will be based on the model that has been working for years, which enables ICO owners to give solid financial insurance.

Using crypto-currencies and blockchain to make payments will help the company make transfers to and from clients from China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Arab countries and many other territories, where the government’s exchange regulations forbid citizens from transferring funds to foreign companies and hinders Forex brokers’ activity in these regions. As a result, Larson&Holz will take a big market and will manage to work on a global scale, without any real offices in the country of residence. The broker which makes transfers and keeps funds in crypto-currencies can work online solely, with no need to acquire licenses. It will help Larson&Holz to attract more clients and will lower the transaction expenses from 6% to 1%. Therefore, making settlements in crypto-currencies will give the company access to a numerous target audience, to people who are well aware of the crypto environment and have spare funds in crypto-currencies. It is important that these people are relatively active, they are eager to take part in speculative operations and are easily converted to become Forex brokers’ clients. So the project will significantly enlarge the company’s client base and, consequently, the company’s revenues.

Mr Smirnoff remarked that the business is about giving people an opportunity to earn on price changes of different financial instruments, including crypto-currencies. Margin trading helps people make deals hundreds or even thousands of times bigger than their own capital and so earn on fluctuations of trading assets within minutes.

Mr Smirnoff also pointed out that Larson&Holz is very cautious about the financial balance of their projects. For more than 13 years the products of this company have been a success and brought profits to their owners. Mr Smirnoff is sure that the crowdsale participants will not be disappointed either.

PRE ICO starts on the 30.10.2017, and for the following month 20.000.000 tokens will be sold. Then comes the ICO, which starts on the 4th of December; for this stage the company will release 50.000.000 more tokens. According to the business plan, Larson&Holz expects to raise from $1.000.000 to $10.000.000.

Check more details on the project site

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