First ever XMax Ecosystem Launched at the World Blockchain Forum Summit in Singapore

The debut XMax ecosystem was launched during a release conference at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore at 14:00 on June 8, 2018. This marks the official beginning of the XMax platform.

The XMX ecosystem was officially launched during a release conference at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on June 8, 2018. The release conference officially introduced the concept and vision of the XMax blockchain and welcomed the first batch of DApps into the XMax ecosystem. These initial programs included CompassX, CBD, Saturn Chain, Caring Chain, Yanchang FAC, YOULIVE, BitKeep, TRUEDEA, Huacheng Travel Bank, BlockDino, and cryworldcup. The contracting parties offer sought-after programs in various industries and look forward to the upcoming XMax ecosystem construction and future implementation of XMax application scenarios.

XMax is an entertainment-focused public blockchain that integrates with multifunctional sidechains running in parallel. XMax’s competitive SDK provides convenient and efficient development kits for entertainment industry developers to create DApps. Apart from base-layered multimedia banks, XMax also integrates with powerful game engines, making game and entertainment digital assets easier to work with. Based on a VRF consensus system and layered sidechains, the public blockchain achieves a high TPS throughput and provides a simple platform for a variety of blockchain-based scenarios.

Let’s look at some of the projects that are joining the Xmax ecosystem.

CompassX is an open, decentralized tourism platform powered by the blockchain. Funded in May by Fenbushi Capital, Manzi Venture Capital, and Tai Cloud, CompassX is working to bridge the gap between tourism servers and consumers through blockchain technology. This will allow CompassX to ensure the authenticity of on-chain resources and participant identities, and secure user information with encryption algorithms and distributed storage.

CBD, a decentralized cross-border data platform, addresses the trust issue in cross-border communication. CBD will be widely used to promote tourism, cross-border trade, cross-border finance, overseas study, overseas property purchases, and investment-based immigration. CBD has established a deep strategic partnership with Panda Visa, the world’s largest smart visa processing platform, which will support CBD in many aspects including node.js infrastructure, user traffic, and data analysis.

Yanchang FAC is the world’s first decentralized blockchain for idol assets. It aims to create investment opportunities through on-chain idol revenue sharing that is available to the public. This gives the community the chance to earn dividends from the income of promising idols and become a successful idol investor.

With several projects already cooperating with XMax, several prominent figures in the blockchain industry used the conference to express their views and opinions on the XMax platform.


Dong Zhao: I prefer to look at life through the eyes of a coder.

Dong Zhao, the founder of Dfund and former co-founder of Moji Weather, shared his beliefs on XMax. “I am a coder. I prefer thinking about life from the aspect of code. I believe humans are about two things. First, genes. What are genes? Genes are edit pairs in essence, which can be broken down into 1s and 0s. Human genes are sets of code. Some people say that Bitcoin is worthless, as Bitcoin is but a set of code. Sometimes I would think to myself that we should not look down on Bitcoin, because we humans are a set of code as well. Second, at a higher level, we have culture and thoughts. What are culture and thoughts? Also sets of code in some way. So generally, everyone can be regarded as complex operating systems, which have undergone continuous upgrades, ever since protocells, the original form of life, came into existence.

All operating systems come with bugs, and we have to debug to upgrade and perfect them. This is what I have been thinking about recently. Back to our projects, they are not mature. Don’t be disheartened. What we should do is face up to problems, recognize our deficiencies, and upgrade and debug.”

Feng Wang: Work hard and stay honest. reliability matters.

Feng Wang, the founder of Huoxing Finance, also spoke at the conference. He said, “First, work hard and maintain honest nodes. This way, the spirit of the ecosystem becomes trustworthy. Second, build reliable products. The founders’ original vision and values ultimately determine if their products are reliable.”

Zhifeng Zhou: It matters more to say ‘I trust you’ than ‘I love you.’

Zhifeng Zhou of Mokylin mentioned, “blockchain is about trust. I always say that it matters more to say ‘I trust you’ than ‘I love you.’”

Hong Yu: Establish proper values and find the right path.

Hong Yu, the founder of 3AM, expressed, “we should establish proper values and find the right path before we start on any blockchain project. I think it is really, really important to have correct values and a positive outlook. In the meantime, the mindset of team members and investors is also crucial. First, we must have our feet on the ground when we build our network and make friends with everyone, so they can understand what we are doing. Second, we must turn each person into a node in our community to spread positive energy and promote our ideas about the blockchain ecosystem. This way, the ecosystem can be truly established and become even stronger.”

The XMax release conference was of great significance because it marked the official launch of the Xmax concept and vision. The conference successfully introduced the first DApps being built on the ecosystem, which are paving the way for long-term growth and prosperity. The XMax team is looking forward to progressing hand-in-hand with all their partners to build upon the ecosystem and contribute to blockchain development in the domestic market.

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