FlutterClub Offers Industry-Grade Bitcoin Security to Online Players

The growing security-related implications in the Bitcoin industry has always affected businesses in one way or another. Following 2013’s Mt. Gox incident, many companies have woken up to the possibility of being a victim of online crimes. It is therefore not surprising that they are taking severe steps to limit their exposures to such criminals.

Being one of the leading Bitcoin casinos in recent times, FlutterClub has specifically employed special security protocols to protect its clients’ Bitcoin from hacking attempts. The company has taken cue from the past of several Bitcoin companies and sincerely wishes to have enough barriers placed for online criminals.

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This year, FlutterClub entered into a partnership with Cubits, a renowned and well-respected Bitcoin wallet and remittance service. This deal enables FlutterClub to employ secure key handling, cold storage for 100% Bitcoin deposits and multi-signature technology security practices to keep players’ funds safe.

FlutterClub’s decision comes at a time when most of its competition is ignoring to employ enough security protocols, possibly because no online casino has been targeted by hackers yet. This however doesn’t put these companies under a safe zone, a thing FlutterClub has always acknowledged upon his launch.

At the same time, the Bitcoin casino has also ensured to keep those client-centric features intact that is sought by most of the online players. As the website quotes it perfect, “players do not need to provide your personal information; they get quicker processing times (instant deposits and withdrawals), greater privacy, as well as complete control over the security of their funds.”

What’s more, FlutterClub is its ability to offer mouth-watering bonus plans to all its players. Players can know more about this Bitcoin casino here.

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