FortuneJack Introduces Monthly Bitcoin Prize Fund worth 30k mBTC

Renowned online casino platform FortuneJack today launched a giveaway promo game that distributes up to 30,000 mBTC per month.

LuckyJack, as the new bitcoin giveaway promo game is titled, enables players to automatically enroll themselves in a luck-based round after their game reset. This round has 10 winning spots each day which distributes a maximum of 1000 mBTC per day.  What’s interesting is that that the players are not meant to bet any money to play LuckyJack; therefore, the risk is zero. However, they must deposit a total of 10 mBTC into their accounts to benefit from the aforementioned promotion.

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How is the Prize Fund distributed? 

Every day we choose 10 random players from the database and system distributes them among 10 winning spots. Players need to sign in to their account, enter the game and click the ‘Try Luck’ button, if players selected beforehand do not sign in to the game and click the “TRY LUCK” button, the prize fund intended for them will not be distributed. Maximum amount player can win per day is 100 mBTC, which will be credited to the account straight away, with no additional terms.

Playing LuckyJack is an easy three step process. Users will have to first sign into their FortuneJack account and go to the Game. Once inside, they have to hit “TRY LUCK” button to see whether they won or not.

The FortuneJack’s LuckyJack promo comes only weeks after the launch of its other popular promotion service, named UnluckyJack. In this service, the casino rewards the three unluckiest players — having the maximum weekly loss — with 20% of their net loss. It meanwhile also offers a series of instant bonus offers that benefits players with additional playing funds on the top of their principal deposits.

But it is not just the promotional offers that makes FortuneJack one of the most attractive Bitcoin and altcoin casinos around. They also offer one of the most diverse games on their platform, including everything from live casino to betting games. Furthermore, the casino ensures honesty with its provably fair practices, and supports responsible gaming to protect users from betting addictions.

And now with LuckyJack, FortuneJack continues to add feathers to its range of services and promotions. The feature is attractive enough to draw players to online gaming, and on the top of it, towards Bitcoin itself.

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