Freewallet Ethereum Wallet Now Available for iOS Platform

Freewallet’s Ethereum wallet is now available for Apple (NASDAQ : AAPL) iPhone users. The company known for its mobile first cryptocurrency wallet had its Ethereum wallet available only on Google (NASDAQ : GOOG — listed as Alphabet Inc.) Play Store for Android-powered mobile phone users until now.

Freewallet is a well-known developer with mobile wallets for four different digital currencies at the moment. While the Bitcoin wallet is popular among the users, other wallets created by the company includes the Ethereum Wallet, Monero Wallet, and Fantomcoin Wallet. Unlike other simple mobile wallets, the Freewallet application also includes built-in exchange and cold storage, making it stand apart from most of the players in the sector.

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The Freewallet application’s availability on Apple App Store now opens a whole new segment of consumers to the company. Apple commands a considerable chunk of the total mobile phone market targeting the millennials, who coincidentally are also the largest digital currency user base in the world.

The inclusion of Freewallet also signifies gradual changes in Apple’s App Store policies which until recently restricted many cryptocurrency games and applications. It’s even more interesting to see a company that is less than 6 months old make it to both Google Play and Apple App Store, scoring over 15000 users through organic growth.

According to the founder of Freewallet, Alvin Hagg — The company was able to receive acceptance into the Apple App Store due to their Keep-it-simple philosophy, which is quite similar to that of Apple. The company has been concentrating more on the design and user experience part on their iOS application as Apple user are more sensitive to those.

Regarding the company’s marketing and PR strategy, Alvin was quoted on one of the publications saying,

“Freewallet is more focused on product development and customer service, than on promotion. We prefer providing timely support to our customers, rather than doing massive PR. We believe brand, loyalty, and trust are built on customer experience, not on marketing budgets”.

The current demographics of Freewallet app usage is comprised of over 25 percent of users who are new to cryptocurrencies. The simplicity of the platform makes it easier for first time users to understand and use Freewallet on their devices.

In the end, Alvin mentions the challenges of publishing a cryptocurrency application like Freewallet on Apple App Store. Unlike Google, Apple’s policies still need to evolve as it currently allows only developers with a legal background to publish such applications. According to Alvin, Tech Castles Limited, their mentor has been very instrumental in making the iOS version possible as Tech Castle’s legal position was leveraged upon to publish Freewallet on iOS app store. The app is currently published under Tech Castle’s name.

Ref: Finextra |  Image: Freewallet

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