Gaze Coin is Selling Virtual Real Estate in a Breakthrough Model

Fuelled by its own cryptocurrency, FXXX, Fantasy is a fully-immersive VR red-light district broken into 18 themed sectors making up a virtual red-light strip on a replica of Mars. The virtual city, modelled on real-life Amsterdam, is where every street has a new theme and behind every window a different fantasy. FXXX is launching by allowing investors to buy virtual real estate inside a functional VR world through its new ERC721 rent token.

Promoted as a “virtual escape for your alter ego” and fueled by Fantasy Coin (FXXX), the concept is as much about story and learning about one’s inner self as it is about adult entertainment.

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ERC 721 Rent Token & Existing Gaze Technology

Fantasy is launching by allowing investors to buy virtual real estate inside an already functional red light district through its new ERC721 “rent” token. The virtual city is already built with integrated Gaze Coin technology that allows brands or creators to give user rewards for engagement, tracking it on the blockchain.  Visitors use a Gaze Coin wallet to allow access to their personal channel and then use a freemium model to gain access to premium content by buying the difference. Property owners may also use an ERC721 rent token tied to their property to gain a trackable share of revenues earned by tenants who possess the token.

FXXX provides new value for Gaze Coin holders who purchased during its ICO in December 2017.  It demonstrates how Gaze Coin technology, which delivers VR content to users without VR headsets via WebGL, a built-in blockchain advertising platform and a virtual world token generator, can work commercially right off the bat.

The Fantasy Red Light District pre-sale begins on September 16th, 2018 at 12:00pm EST and will last through November 30. “High noon” was chosen as it is the same time as the beginning of the historic Oklahoma Land Rush in 1889.

Existing Gaze Coin holders can convert their Gaze Coin into Fantasy Coin and receive an automatic maximum bonus. They can then choose to either convert these into property or even hold them – as Fantasy Coins will be required to experience content in the Fantasy zone.

Receive a 10% bonus as long as they buy during the presale period.

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