Gildera API Provides Functionality for Bitcoin Apps

Gildera API makes it possible for bitcoin apps to harness the functionality needed to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. In particular, this feature makes it possible for users to transact using bitcoin from the wallet of their choice while putting focus on security.

Wallet Developers can use the API to provide their users with this enhanced functionality, thereby eliminating common issues such as users not being sure what to do when they see a zero BTC balance, users struggling with complicated transactions meant for professional traders, users regularly needing to wire money offshore, and so on.

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API for Bitcoin Apps

To access this API, bitcoin apps developers need to create an account on to manage their partners’ access keys. According to the API documentation, the sandbox is functionally equivalent to the production Glidera system except that 1) it uses the bitcoin testnet instead of mainnet, 2) will not issue calls to back-end KYC/AML vendors, 3) does not issue ACH/EFT payments, and 4) supports test data to facilitate error generation. It will provide all the proper responses so wallet applications can test their Glidera integration.

Of course, the API assumes that bitcoin apps and wallets are produced by software companies or open-source projects with no regulatory responsibility or legacy financial system transaction capability. The Glidera API is designed to provide these valuable capabilities while reducing or eliminating wallet partner regulatory exposure.

This is because Glidera handles interactions with legacy financial systems and provides benefits such as regulatory compliance, bank transfers through the ACH system, fraud management and access to competitive conversion rates.

Most Glidera functionality is available directly through the API and can be used to build forms within the wallet application. To comply with banking partner requirements, sensitive user data (payment information and social security numbers) is not accessible by wallet partners. Forms which collect this data must be presented to users by loading secure Glidera web pages within a browser, iFrame, or WebView. As such, payment information and SSNs are absent from the API Endpoints.


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